When some people think of Trout Unlimited, they think of a fishing club that meets regularly so members can swap super secret fly recipes, directions to honey holes and hotspots and hear how to catch more fish from the evening’s presenter – usually a guide or regional fishing expert.

Most of us are dedicated anglers and passionate about fishing.  We try to engage others in our sport because it’s fun, and also because it helps cultivate a healthy respect for the delicate balances nature struck when she created coldwater fisheries and fish, the importance of restoring and maintaining clean, cold water and an opportunity to make a difference in the world around us.

But Trout Unlimited is first and foremost a coldwater conservation organization, and always has been.  And since its founding in 1969, the Pisgah Chapter has been focused on endeavors to conserve protect, and restore coldwater fisheries and their watersheds in our area, and has been quite successful.  To accomplish our mission we rely on assistance from other dedicated partner organizations, state and local agencies – and of course, the countless thousands of hours given in service by our members.

Since we’re a group that loves to fish, this section includes several resources to help you explore our waters here in western North Carolina – maps, flies, a hatch chart, licensing information and our water designations.   We hope they help you enjoy your time on the water, that you’ll understand and respect the rules and the incredible sacrifices many make to protect and preserve our coldwater fisheries and public access to them, and always leave the stream better than you found it.

March – June | July – October | November- February

Hatch & Fly Chart Provided Courtesy of Davidson River Outfitters, Pisgah Forest, NC.



Insects Fly Pattern Hook Sz.
Adults Dries/Emergers
Blue Wing Olive Mayflies Parchute BWO, Thorax Dun 18-24
Midges(Cream, Olive, Black) Parachute Adams, Midge 18-24
Micro Caddis (Black, Gray) Elk Hair Caddis 18-20
Dark Stones Clipped Caddis 18-22
Nymphs/Larva Nymphs
Blue Olive Mayflies Olive Hare’s Ear, Olive P.T. 16-20
March Brown Mayflies BH Pheasant Tail 16-20
American Grannom Caddis Peeking Caddis 14-18
Rockworm Caddis Super Pupa 16-20
Midges(Cream, Black, Olive) RS-2, WD-40 18-24
Dark Stones Copper John(Blk, Copper) 16-18
Baitfish/Big Food Streamers
Sculpins Near-Nuff Sculpin 4-8
Dace Zonker (White, Blk) 6-12
Crayfish Wooly Bugger(Blk, Olive, Brn) 4-10
Creek Chubs Double Bunny(Brn, Tan, White) 2-6


Insects Fly Pattern Hook Sz.
Adults Dries/Emergers
March Brown Mayflies March Brown Standard/Parachute 12-14
Blue Quill Mayflies Parchute Adams, Thorax Dun 14-18
Red Quill Mayflies Quill Gordon 14-18
Cahill Mayflies Lt. Cahill, Sparkle Dun 12-18
Green Drakes Green Drake, Coffin Fly 8-12
Yellow Drakes Coffin Fly, Cut Wing Drake 8-12
Caddis Elk Hair Caddis 12-18
Dark Stone Clipped Caddis 12-18
Yellow Sally Stones Yellow Sally 16-18
Golden Stones Stimulator 12-18
Midge(Olive, Gray) Midge 20-24
Nymphs/Larva Nymphs
March Brown Mayflies Hare’s Ear 12-16
Blue Quill Mayflies BH Pheasant Tail 14-18
Green Drake Mayflies Fox Squirrel Nymph 10-14
Caddis Super Pupa 14-18
Golden Stones Kevin’s Stone 8-12
Yellow Sally Stones Copper John 16-18
Baitfish/Big Food Streamers
Sculpins Woolhead Sculpin, Olive Zonker 4-10
Dace White Zonker, Sparkle Minnow 6-12
Crayfish Near Nuff Crayfish 2-6
Creek Chubs Wooly Bugger Brown 2-8


Insect Fly Pattern Hook Sz.
Adults Dries
Golden Stones Stimulator 12-16
Yellow Sally Stones Yellow Sally, Clipped Caddis 16-18
Grasshoppers Dave’s Hopper, Club Sandwich 8-14
Crane Flies Hackle Stacker Cranefly 12-18
Camel Crickets Gorilla Hopper 10-14
Beetles Disco Beetle, Bark Beetle 8-10
Ants Transparant, Fur Ant 12-18
Midges Parachute Adams, Midge 18-24
Nymphs/Larva Nymphs
Golden Stones Kevin’s Stonefly 8-12
Yellow Sally Stones Copper John 16-18
Inch Worms Inch Worm, Chart. San Juan 10-12
Midges WD-40, Disco Midge, RS-2 18-26
Baitfish/Big Food Streamers
Sculpins Slumpbuster 10-12
Creek Chubs Double Bunny 2-8
Dace Zonkers 6-12
Crayfish Near-Nuff Crayfish 4-6
Damsel Fly Nymphs Wooly Bugger 6-10