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Snags & Snarls

“Snags & Snarls” is the regular quarterly feature magazine of the Pisgah Chapter of Trout Unlimited.  Each edition features stories of interest to our members, including fly patterns, chapter events and updates, notices and articles regarding our ongoing preservation and conservation efforts.

The Weekly Update

Pisgah TU publishes an update each week to keep our members current with what’s happening with the chapter and other things of interest to our members.  The weekly update is meant for items with a short shelf life – calendar events, news flashes, that kind of thing.  It usually comes out on Sunday mornings, plus an occasional special during the week as circumstances dictate.

You can subscribe to both publications using the subscribe box at the right.  Subscriptions are free, no membership is required and we do not share or use your information for any other purposes.

Snags & Snarls

Beginning with the Spring 2018 edition of Snags & Snarls, we have adopted an online magazine layout to make your reading more like a magazine – less scrolling, more leisurely and enjoyable.  For those of you who prefer to download a .pdf version to read offline, we’ve also made a downloadable version available.

Whichever you choose, thanks for reading, and enjoy!

Online, flip-magazine format.


Offline, downloadable format.