Google Mail Setup

If you use GMail and subscribe to our Weekly Updates, please read this important announcement.

I discovered an issue with Gmail I’d like to make you aware of that seems to be keeping quite a few of you from getting our weekly updates.  We send updates EVERY week.  The last one went out this past Sunday, February 18.  You may not have received it — and here’s why.

Google has a special tab for “promotional” emails, and uses a special formula to decide what goes there.  In our case, many of our emails are going into that tab, meaning they’re never being delivered to your inbox, and you’ll never see them unless you click that “promotional” tab.

There’s an easy way to fix it, and I’d like to walk you through it.   This will take you less than a minute.

If you’re already receiving our emails normally, you don’t need to do this.  Google seems to be doing this to random accounts only – some of you with Gmail get our updates, and some don’t.  That’s beyond our control, and not even Google can explain it.

1)  You need to be logged into Google Mail from your web browser.
2)  Click the “Promotions” tab near the top of the window.
3)  If you see a message (like “Weekly Update 02/18”) from Pisgah TU, drag it to the “Primary” tab.

4)  At the top of the screen, you’ll see a message asking if you want to do this for all future messages.

5)  Click “Yes.”

6)  There may be other updates from Pisgah TU in your promotions folder.  If you want them, drag them over, too.  They will not come over automatically, but all future messages should.
7)  That’s it!