The catch and release fly fishing only regulated section of the Davidson is known to many anglers as one of the top fly fishing rivers on the east coast. This is due in part to its excellent population of fairly large trout and its regular hatches.

Much of the catch and release section is characterized by slow flowing pools giving the angler ample opportunity to sight fish to large Rainbows. Catching these fish is another matter entirely as the water is often gin clear and the fish very wary due to the heavy pressure they receive.

Davidson River Project

Since 2001, the Chapter has undertaken a long-term project of assessing, monitoring and remediating 11 miles of the Davidson River in Transylvania County.  We’ve been involved in many types of programs from trail maintenance and light forestry work to erosion control to fence-building, usually with the help and supervision of our partners in the United States Forest Service (USFS).

And for many of our members, the Davidson is our “home water,” and we think it’s important to demonstrate our ongoing and growing commitment to conservation, restoration and preservation beginning right there.

Last year Pisgah TU engaged with the USFS and Clemson University to conduct a Macroinvertebrate Survey of the Davidson River. The purpose of this survey of the river is to establish the current health of the river. This survey is similar in scope to a survey we did in 2003, so the results of this will allow us to evaluate how the river has changed in that time period.

As you may know, the Davidson River is one of the finest freestone trout streams in the southeast and is fished by folks from all over North Carolina and many other states. The total cost of the survey is $41,777, broken into four payments over the two year duration of the project.

The USFS has generously contributed $20,000 to the study — a testament to its importance, leaving Pisgah TU with a $21,777 obligation.

Given the regional importance of the Davidson River fishery, Pisgah TU is asking for other TU chapters in the Carolinas and beyond to consider helping support this project financially.

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