Chapter Contacts

Pisgah TU programs are coordinated and peopled by many dedicated, hard-working volunteers.  No matter what your level of physical abilities or interests, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in our efforts to protect, restore and conserve coldwater fisheries here in western North Carolina.

Our all-volunteer officers and board put in many hours behind-the-scenes making sure our chapter remains on the forefront of conservation efforts and service to our members, and work hard to be good stewards of our members’ trust.

Check out our Programs page for more information on specific opportunities and to volunteer.  If you want to learn more or need to get in touch with one of our board members or program coordinators, we’ve provided directories of each below.

Last year, volunteers from Pisgah TU contributed more than 4,000 hours of time to conservation service projects throughout western North Carolina.

Additionally, our members contributed many hundreds of hours to our partner environmental service organizations.

Officers and Directors

Program Coordinators & Other Contacts

The Pisgah TU Endowment
Kiki Matthews 
Skip Sheldon
Sara Jerome
Jim Rumbough 

Financial Reviewer
Carole Deddy

Grants: Jim Rumbough 
Road Cleanup: Jim Rumbough 
Projects: John Rich 
Workday Lead: Tim Schubmehl
USFS Planning: John Rich 
Pisgah Conservancy: Mike Mihalas

Trout In The Classroom
Kevin Henebry

Fly Fishing School
Carole Deddy

Arbuckle Award
Kiki Matthews 

Youth Programs
Robert Dye

Chapter Diversity
Sara Jerome

NC State Council
Chair: John Kies 
Vice Chair: Mike Mihalas

The Pisgah Chapter of Trout Unlimited